Dabas koncertzāle


Dvietes paliene un Burtnieku novada palieņu pļavas


Dabas koncertzāle is more than a concert and is almost more than an event. Every summer, in two previously not so well known or completely unknown corners of Latvia audiences assemble to learn and experience; to listen and explore. Each year it is a different topic, so the places vary and the emotions and knowledge you can acquire do too.

Dabas koncertzāles musicians work closely with Latvian scientists in developing 12 new compositions each year which focus on the target species/topic of that year. Some years, the topic lends calm, meditative music appropriate for your yoga class and others the rough challenges placed on nature creates a more upbeat sound.

The Nature Concerthall – method for public awareness raising through a specially targeted, interactive and multi-disciplinary approach to attract many thousands of people from different backgrounds, to change perception on the importance of sustainable development and to motivate them to introduce change.
Each year a specific species is selected as the year’s mascot or hero through which the event is created. The species dictates the development of the event in terms of: i) the location selected so that audiences can see the element first-hand; ii) the music which each year is created anew in line with the species’ habitat, behaviour, evolution; iii) the interactive workshops crafted by that year’s key scientists/researchers to showcase the species up close.