Rīgas Ritmi




Rigas Ritmi festival is one of the most attended and loved music festivals in Latvia. The festival’s stages at different locations in Riga feature both – world-famous and award-winning, as well as young and undiscovered musical talents. Rigas Ritmi Festival is one of the main music festivals in the Baltic States, as well as is recognized in Europe and elsewhere around the world.
The first Rigas Ritm Festival took place July 2001; since then, around 500 artists from more than 20 countries have performed more than 500 concerts (including free outdoor performances) to an audience of more than 160 000 people. The festival has been successfully promoting Riga and Latvia around the globe.
Initially the festival took place once a year, during the first week of every July, but starting 2011, the festival has expanded to additional Winter and Spring concert session, thus providing music lovers with quality concerts all year long.
An important element of the festival is the Rigas Ritmi Festival is Showcase project, which aims to present the best Latvian jazz, improvisation and world music performers to the world’s jazz scene. The Project aims to promote Latvia’s creative music industry and its export abroad. During this Showcase, guests from abroad have the chance to meet new Latvian talent, view them in concert, meet them at master’s workshops and talk to them during panel discussions.