Association the “Incorporation of Latvian Sound Records Producers, Publishers and Distributors” or LaMPA was established in 1994 with the aim to stand up for the protection and insurance of the sound records producers’, publishers’ and distributors’ rights in compliance with the legislation of the Republic of Latvia. As well as with the aim to observe and to protect the coterminous-rights, accordingly enabling a successful action of the sound records producers, publishers and distributers in the conditions of fair competition and giving the opportunity for the consumer to choose. The main courses of action of LaMPA: *The organizing of the annual music records award “Zelta Mikrafons”. *Contribution of the collaboration of Latvian producers and records publishers. *Defence of the professional interests of producers (lobbying the interests of producers on different levels). *Education of society about questions related to coterminous-rights and copyright. *Collaboration with governmental and non-governmental organizations, which act in areas related to incorporation’s aim (influence of national and sociable processes according to the interests of producers). *Organizing the participation of producers in various international exhibitions. *Promotion of legal records’ distribution.