Pyro Trees


Pyro Trees is an indie rock band founded in 2011 by two brothers - Peteris and Rudolfs. The band kick-started their career in 2012 by winning the local new music contest at the one of top Latvian alternative radio stations at the time. The band has ripened up to a point where in the heart they stay true to the values of rock music, but they don’t limit themselves to that. The energy of fusing modern indie rock, psychedelic movements and electronic soundscapes is blowing the audience away. Pyro Trees have played all the biggest Latvian music festivals, including Positivus and SummerSound, and in 2013 toured the country with the upcoming Lithuanian band Deeper Upper. The singles received frequent airplay both nationally as well as on the progressive Estonian Raadio2. In 2014 Pyro Trees embarked on a Baltic tour with other two bands from Estonia and Lithuania, performing in Tallinn, Riga and Vilnius. The tour was curated by the leading Baltic new music platform -The Baltic Scene. Pyro Trees were one of the first bands in Latvia to celebrate the 2014 international Record Store Day with a special single release.