Omertà is an instrumental progressive rock band from Riga, Latvia. The band was founded in late 2011 by three musicians who came together for a reason - to give rock music a new, unique sound and feeling. After almost 18 months in a rehearsal space, on June 7th, 2013, the band finally got out in public by playing one of their first shows at Palladium Riga, one of the biggest venues of Riga, as a warm-up act for Indygo. Following this great start, the band played at numerous open-air festivals in Latvia, including Summer Sound 2013. Later that year, their music was played in Latvian radio stations and the band played live on-air show at Riga Radio. In 2014, Omertà played Devilstone Fest in Lithuania. The band's debut album is going to be released in spring 2015.