Lana Frančeska


Lana is a 26 years old Latvian singer, songwriter and pianist. Born and raised in Latvia, she has studied in various performing arts schools, such as The Secondary School of Emils Darzins, Riga and college in Bournemouth, England. As an accomplished classical pianist, vocalist and songwriter, Lana got Master of Arts Degree in Music - Composition & Performance, and then a Master’s Degree in Popular Music Industry at the University of Glasgow, Scotland.

Lana developed her vocal skills in a band called Pumpuriņi, meanwhile she has attended workshops abroad in countries like Russia, Armenia, US as well as in Europe.

Lana gained her first serious public recognition in 2004 when she was only 16 years old. She performed as one of the 15 finalists on New Wave 2004, an international contest of young singers of popular music in Jurmala, Latvia. She has participated in and won awards in many competitions for professional vocalists in different countries, including Armenia, Russia, USA, Lithuania, Latvia, Finland, Sweden, Estonia, Bulgaria, Ukraine, Germany, Spain and Poland, as well as the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (Lithuania), San Remo Festival (Italy), Golden Talent 2011 (Georgia, prize - $10,000).

Lana was the lead singer and songwriter for pop/rock band Carmine that was based in Glasgow, UK. Lana has worked with Italian record label Primula Records where she released her first EP in November 2008. She had several tracks signed and released internationally from several labels, such as Platforma Records (Latvia), Primula Records (Italy), EMI (UK). Apart of several radio hits and live performances, in October 2014 Lana released her debut solo album in Latvian “Manas Mājas” (“My home”). The album consists of original compositions written by Janis Kirsis and Lana Franceska. Fallowing her first concert, Lana went to Kazakhstan, where she performed in a local television show, which was broadcasted live during New Year’s Eve. In Kazakhstan Lana got the prize of the Best radio & TV song  for the single “Alija".