Jānis Stībelis


No doubt that one of the most brilliant vocals in present Latvian pop music scene belongs to Jānis Stībelis. He began his musical carrier in 1999 together with the band Shake&Bake. Jānis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Conducting from the Pedagogic University of Riga. He has participated in several international musical contests, including New Wave in 2002.


Jānis Stībelis has recorded 9 albums - “Don’t Turn Away” with the band Shake & Bake (2000) and solo albums “Inspiration” (2001), “Paliec tepat” (2004), “Ļubov nastala” (2005) and “Glāze piena” (2007), "Secret Mission" (2009), "Diapozitīvi" (2010), "Summer City" (2012) and "2 Pasaules" (2015).