Espresso is a musical ensemble consisting of 4 young, talented and attractive female vocalists. The 4 band members have participated and won variety of competitions, both big and small. Espresso also has performed in countless musical projects and solo concerts. The creative director of the band is singer-songwriter Ginta Krievkalna.

Espresso became active in 2004 when they performed the very first show at Dzintari Concert Hall in Jurmala with singer-songwriter Marija Naumova. From 2004-2008 singers studied in Marija Naumova's vocal studio under the name Minipop with vocal instructor Gunta Stade. From 2004 - 2007 the band performed in Marija Naumova’s concerts with various other Latvian musicians and composer Raimonds Pauls. From 2008 - 2012 band members studied in Gunta Stade’s vocal studio under the name Poppy with vocal instructor Gunta Stade. Since 2012 Espresso has been studying to improve their vocal abilities in the vocal studio "Zvaigžņu sala", using the vast knowledge and experience of their teacher Ginta Krievaklna to achieve their goals. They started to perform under the current name Espresso the same year. Espresso has participated in such contests as "Balss pavēlnieks", "Talsi uzdod toni", "Popfest Jūrmala" and many others, with excellent results. The band consists of Annemarija Moiseja – 15 years old, Brenda Brakovska – 15 years old, Līna Kalniņa – 13 years old and Estere Pogiņa – 12 years old.