Parára is a five-piece experimental rock and post-punk band from Riga, Latvia formed in the dawn of 2009. Featuring two drum-sets, frequently complex rhythm structures and some intense breakdowns their sound can be very dense yet just as melody driven and humble as your neighborhood singer-songwriter guy. While being just a few weeks old the band released a 3-song demo EP in 2010 and played numerous concerts around Latvia. Early on it is clear - sincere ingenuity is a key. In 2011 the band got recognition for collaborating with many local musicians and the song "Just a Figure of Speech" got a documented live performance. During this time guitarist Krists Krieviņš and drummer Aigars Valdmanis joined the band and a discerning choice to record a full-length album was made. The LP was planned to feature original music composed from that point on. In 2013 the debut album was released on a Latvian independent label I Love You records and the collective started extensive touring in Europe in support of this release. Kārlis Butins - guitar, keyboards, vocals, treatments Krists Krieviņš - guitar Nauris Vasiļevskis - bass Jānis Untāls - drums Aigars Valdmanis - drums, percussion.