The Pink Elephant


"The Pink Elephant" is a new four piece band from Riga, Latvia. They banded in early 2013 and first appeared on stage on the 28th of November (2013).

"The Pink Elephant" consists of 4 members: Edvards Broders (guitar), Rūdolfs Ozols (guitar), Alberts Levics (bass) and Kalvis Sležis (drums). The musicians come from different backgrounds - blues rock, jazz, indie music. They’ve taken part in other projects, e.g., Pyro Trees, The Moonhouse, Valleys Of Moon, MonkeyRocks, Bunch of Gentlemen and many more…

They all sing, whisper and moan, and polyphony is a characteristic feature of their image. Each song is a journey through time and space which urges the listeners not only to close their eyes and drift away sometimes, but also to start dancing at other times. It is what they call psychedelic rock by all means.