Starmetis is a band from Latvian city Cēsis which considers themselves as artists from so-called lo-fi esthetics or “bedroom pop music” pseudo-genre.  The beginning of the band dates back to 2009; since then Starmetis has released a self-published digital EP “Light Light” and played both small and big gigs. Through the time the band crew has changed a little bit, but the core of it has stayed the same.


In November 2013 the first “real” record of Starmetis “I Like People” was released, it is a compilation of an introduction and six songs and it’s been created with the idea about music and lyrics as an entirety. The EP was also released in limited edition in format of audiocassettes by the independent record label “SKYR”.


In summer 2015 Starmetis plans to release the album “Colors”.