The Coco’nuts


Frans Robert



The Coco'nuts is a music band from Latvia that combines funk, blues, rock, swing and indie together in one mind-blowing musical jungle. The 8 of us embarked on a musical journey in 2012 when our first concert happened in a bar called Pērle. From that moment on the way led us to Geltonos Sofos Klubas (LT), Sostinės Dienos (LT), Ielu Mūzikas Svētki, Latvijas Mākslas Akadēmijas Karnevāls, Kaņepes Kultūras Centrs, festivāls BILDES, Kalnciema Kvartāls, International Jazz Days, Tartu Indie Fest (EE) and Positivus. France, Venice and Austria warmly welcomed us in the summer of 2013 on our CocoCarnival Tour together with the band Carnival Youth. We have put all our experiences in our debut EP 'Appetizer' released in spring 2014.