Entitled using a Lithuanian masculine forename, Židrūns has been a visible part of the Latvian independent music scene since 2004. Creating, recording and performing its works, stylistically the band has turned its attention to a range of aesthetic variations as punk, garage rock, post-hardcore and stoner rock. Over years of creative explorations, the four-piece has blended a sound of its own that can vaguely be characterised as independent rock, but rather describes the attitude behind the music than the actual songs by Židrūns.

The band’s debut full-length “Židrūnam sāp” (“It Hurts to Židrūns”) was released in 2008 and was followed by “Židrūns dzeltenbaltdzeltenais” (“Židrūns, the Yellow-White-Yellow”) in 2010. Both records received some critical acclaim and earned the band a community of supporters, who go to shows at pop-up venues around Latvia, while louder performances take place at festivals differing in content and size.

Band’s third album “Židrūns un tas, ko nevar nest” (“Židrūns Carrying the Unbearable”) is a take on groove, melody and ambience that is both idealistic and playful. Released by I Love You Rec in 2016, the album has been nominated for Austra Award, a prize for best Latvian album of the year.