FUND is Latvian music group which was created by production and post-production company "DoStudio" and musician "Finķis". In the beginning of september 2016 Fiņķis and DoStudija released their first studio album "Bāra ceļš. Akmens dārzs" ("Bar road. Stone garden"), which was presented during the modern culture forum "White Night 2016" in Riga.

Originally the idea about FUND arised together with the first song from the new album. But after the album presentation concert the idea about FUND became real and now the group is composed of six musicians - Rolands Sīpols, Helvijs Fiņķis, Mārtiņš Leja, Ieva Melle, Jānis Līde, Einārs Latiševs.

FUND producer and music composer Rolands Sīpols (“DoStudio”) says: “Music is different from other sectors because it is not enough to study and master the music, you need to live in it. The deeper and closer you are related with music, the easier and more freely it is possible to express yourself musically. When I compose music I use electronics, it attracts me because it is an instrument without limited register or timbre.”

It is not possible to fit FUND in one genre, they are creating an audio stories in which the lead singer and lyrics author is talking about his life in connection with the world, about existence and non being, about desirable and obstructive, about a person in ourselves and ourselves in the world community, about forte and piano.