Juliet`s Garden


Dace Narubina
E-mail dace@ngmm.lv



Juliet`s Garden is a group of young and talented jazz musicians that express themselves mostly in traditional jazz and bossa nova genres meanwhile adding to their repertoire some gems of pop music in jazzy arrangements. Juliet`s Garden is colorful and ever-changing, it is often visited by different musicians. Iveta Džulieta Gaile is a young talented musician that has found herself through jazz music. She believes improvisation is an amazing tool for loosing yourself in time and space, painting an unseen landscape or simply flirting with the listeners. Brightness, lightness, playfulness, color, humor, eternal variability and passion for jazz is what best describes this enchanting singer.

P.S. At the moment the singer resides and studies in The Netherlands, therefore the band is not available in Latvia.