Latvian Voices


As surprising as it may sound, vocal band Latvian Voices is born in Germany on Christmas time. Seven young singers from Riga went on their first concert tour and by that time had not even come up with a name for the group yet. Nevertheless, the group without a name thrilled the audience, and this is how the amazing journey of Latvian Voices begun! In the first two years of its existence Latvian Voices for short time slipped again into the student role and refined their musical experiences in workshops and master classes with The King's Singers (2010, 2011) and The Hilliard Ensemble (2011).

Approximately three quarters of the concerts that girls perform are outside of Latvia; therefore travelling has become an integral part of Latvian Voices everyday routine. The band has brought home quite a few noteworthy prizes and awards from their travels – victories in competitions (Graz, Austria), A CAPPELLA (Leipzig, Germany), World Choir Games (Cincinnati, USA), etc.

Latvian Voices perform music of different historical ages and genres, still their hearts first of all belong to the Latvian folk song, especially to melodies related to the Sun.  Band’s stage costumes are in-weaved with ancient Latvian Sun symbols, which are like small amulets that accompany girls all around the world.