[Ex] da Bass



[Ex] da Bass was born as Mareks Dainis (1984) in a small city Cesis, Latvia. Nothing else but the word “big” comes in mind when speaking about the success of this self-confident and clinking attractive DJ.  [Ex] da Bass has very intense music style and he is making an unmistakable impact and influence on the sound of the Electronic Dance Music scene in Baltic States.

A while ago, in 1997, he started with making the acquaintance to his now passionate lifestyle, playing at school parties and participating in different DJ contests, witch let him to have an early boost on his career, having his own electronic music show on “Progressive FM” radio in Cesis (2000 – 2004). “I can switch from vinyl’s to cd's in a minute, your well-known DJ name is only half of the battle. Making crowd at the specific venue feel the night as a very special one is the goal," says Mareks. Throughout his career, [Ex] da Bass has rocked all the biggest and most recognizable clubs and EDM festivals in the Baltic States as well as played in nightclubs in Finland, Germany, UAE etc. It’s easy to see how he has learnt to master mixing sounds and techniques to become one of Latvia’s most notable electronic dance music export; his discography contains many releases and remixes. Since April 1, 2004 [Ex] da Bass is working at “European Hit Radio” station’s recording studio where he also hosts the radio show “Party Service”. It is a broadcast about significant and noticeable dance music events in Latvia, Baltic States and Europe. And this is just the beginning...