The Coco'nuts


We begun creating on our own, everything was set, our minds got connected and we were ready to fly in our imagination. The Coco’nuts firstly started with Marija (Vocals) and Pēteris (Guitar) having similar song ideas and opinions about the music in general. After playing some gigs with different band names, they met Artūrs (drummer) at a jam session, had some rehearsals and finally played their first concert.

After their first gig, band members realized that they need broader and more complete sound as a band so after some consultations with Inese (backvocal, piano) they started to look for more people such as sax player or other wind instruments. That is how Dita (Sax) and Jāzeps (Flute) came to be part of The Coco’nuts and made band’s sound unique. The Coco’nuts also needed a strong, good, creative music foundation so after long discussions, Toms a.k.a. Tomiņš (Bass player) joined and added a great amount of jazz/swing feel to the band.

At the first „official” rehearsal, The Coco’nuts already looked like a band and the musical connection was right on the spot. The first official gig that The Coco’nuts had and is also considered as the e bands birthday was on  8th of November, 2012 in a bar called Pērle.

Each of our 8 (!!!) band members give a unique sound, personality and color that help to deliver the great performance in our concerts.