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Love You Records is an independent record label based in Riga, Latvia. The label works with singers-songwriters, indie folk, indie pop and experimental rock artists from Latvia, Estonia and Scandinavia. I Love You began in December 2003 as a small bar and venue in Old Town Riga. Over the years Bar I Love You has hosted live performances of dozens of artists and bands from the Baltics and other European countries – Sweden, Germany, Finland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Belarus and also even from the United States. Since 2009 Bar I Love You has its own stage at Positivus Festival, the biggest open-air music festival in the Baltics. In the same year I Love You Records label was founded. One of the first acts the label signed was Estonian band Ewert and The Two Dragons. The album Good Man Down was released in April 2011 and eventually became one of the best selling records in Estonian recording music history and in 2014 was voted the best Estonian album of all times by listeners of Radio 2. I Love You Records catalogue also includes well known Latvian artists The Sound Poets, Laika Suns, Pienvedēja Piedzīvojumi, Momend, Mona De Bo and Alise Joste. Since 2013 I Love You Records and Positivus Festival have a joint showcase at Tallinn Music Week, the most prominent industry convention in the Baltics.