Radio NABA

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Madars Štramdiers


Radio Naba can be heard at 95.8 FM, and will feature over 40 shows, including morning wake-up. A considerable number of the former "NABA's" regular DJs will be back in the studio. Also – a long-time tradition, live feeds from Saeima on Thursdays, will be revived. As reported, in mid-December, the National Electronic Mass Media Council gave the go-ahead for a proposed project from Latvian Radio – establishment of a new, alternative, non-commercial music/arts radio station – LR6, to be set up with/by the independent producers – NABA. "Radio NABA", known as the "LU student radio station" began operations on December 1, 2002. As an independent production entity, the "NABA" team in March 2014 began part-time cooperation with LR5. "NABA" and LR5 failed to see eye to eye, hence LR management's decision to establish an on-air forum solely manned by the "NABA" team.