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“Carnival Youth” sign a publishing deal and continue “Good Luck” tour in Latvia and Europe

“Carnival Youth” members Emīls Kaupers, Edgars Kaupers and Roberts Vanags have signed a publishing deal with music publishing companies “Radicalis Music” and “Progressive/Bosworth Creative” (Switzerland/Germany).

“Carnival Youth” manager Guna Zučika, “Every Little Thing”, explains, that building a stable infrastructure within the target markets is one of management’s primary tasks in advancing the band’s international career: “The German, Austrian and Swiss music industries and listeners have been among the first ones to positively appreciate “Carnival Youth” music, so it is a great pleasure to add to the already well-established partnership with a booking agency and a record label in the region an author representative – a publishing company which is successful both locally and internationally.”

Head of “Radicalis Music” David Burger is pleased to add “Carnival Youth” and their songs to the company’s catalogue: “We are delighted that one of the most successful bands in the Baltic States is joining our companies. We will support their career growth through our global partners.”

This year “Carnival Youth” continue their latest studio album “Good Luck” tour both in Latvia and Europe. In Latvia, the band will stop at “Melno Cepurīšu Balerija” in Jelgava on the 20th March and “FonoKlubs” in Cēsis on the 21st March. Tickets and information can be found at

On Wednesday, 22nd January, “Carnival Youth” will perform at a music festival “Bise” in Nantes, France. During March and April, the band will tour through Germany performing at “Ego FM” festival in Munich on the 28th March, “Hanse Song” festival in Stade on the 18th April, and will play multiple solo shows in Oldenburg, Leipzig and Nurnberg. On the 25th April “Carnival Youth” will perform in Vienna, Austria. 

Watch the after movie of the “Carnival Youth” show at “Hanzas Perons” in Riga on the 23rd November 2019 here:


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Chris Noah releases a new single “The Line”

Chris Noah releases a new single “The Line” from the forthcoming EP expected in March. Chris explains that the song is a story about how sometimes circumstances and the environment around you changes as well as people change but there are feelings and emotions that remain unchanged no matter how you might try to leave them in the past.

Chris started writing the music for the song by himself and was later joined by the keyboard player form his band Marcis Jukumsons – Jukumnieks with whom “The Line” was finished. Both this single and the rest of the songs on the EP were recorded by Chris Noah in a collaboration with the British music producer Christopher Harris (who has previously worked with the likes of Bear’s Den, Belle and Sebastian, Ghostpoet and others) with whom the musician has worked before.

“The Line” is released under the record label “Made in Baltics”/”Sony Music Entertainment”.

Single on the digital platforms



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Evija Vēbere and ANNNA will represent Latvia at the “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020”

At this year’s showcase festival and conference “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020”, held from  January 15 to 18 in Groningen, Netherlands, Latvia is represented by two artists – Evija Vebere and ANNNA.

Evija Vebere is a Latvian producer, singer and performer. She creates music with multiple modular synthesizers and a broken trumpet. By using her unique voice she invites the listeners to discover forest of amazing sounds. Her debut solo recording “Sirdsbūt” won Best Alternative Music Album 2019 at Latvian music awards.

At “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020” Evija Vebere will performs on 16 January at USVA.

ANNNA is a modern day wakeup call that makes you want to move. Her songs mostly cover very current and serious topics, such as sustainability and equality. However, ANNNA’s distinct voice, that blends together a touch of Lana Del Rey and Kate Bush, results in an energetic, uplifting and impactful performance. This Latvian/Dutch singer’s debut track, “The One That Got Away”, became the No1 most played track on some of the biggest Latvian radios as well as her second track, “Stardom/Hater” won the Amsterdam Dance Event demo competition in October 2019.

At “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2020” ANNNA will perform on 17 January at the Praedinius Gymnasium.

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New music project – Signia

Singer Signija Taranenko with a stage name SIGNIA at the end of last year surprised with “Musical Advent Calendar” when she posted 24 Christmas song cover versions on her YouTube channel. Last week Signia presented her first original song “Where Are You”.

New singer from a small town works in a pharmacy as a pharmacist’s assistant for a couple of days a week, the rest of her time she spends singing. Currently active in a group “Carnelian” and sings as a back vocalist to Atis Auzans. Participates in a variety of musical projects and charity events cooperating with and

About the song Signia says: “I wrote this song 2 years ago and then I was asked – who is it about? I said it certainly wasn’t about me. Time has passed, circumstances and events have changed my life a lot, and now I can associate this song with myself and finally sing it really out of my heart.”

The song is about love we’re waiting for, searching for and finding if we get lucky. If we don’t, we keep waiting and looking for “the one”. About dreams that we all want to come true, we give them up when it gets hard, and then believe them again meeting the right people. The song is about those who are searching. About You too. Whatever you’re looking for – love, happiness, inspiration or yourself – this is the story of not giving up.

The author of words and music is Signija Taranenko herself. In the recording work the points on “i”’s were placed by producer Kaspars Ansons, but producers who worked on it were Arturs Palkevics and Gaitis Lazdans. Video made by Eriks Saksons. Costume design – Ilze Kasa.

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“RIGaLIVE“ songwriting camp songs shortlisted for "Supernova 2020"

Three of the “RIGaLIVE“ songwriting camp 5th session songs are shortlisted for the "Supernova 2020" final, among them Annemarija Moiseja – Undo, Katrīna Bindere – I Will Break Your Heart and Alekss Silvers – Again! The finalists will be revealed on the 16th of January. They will perform live at the final show on the 8th of February when the public will choose the winner of "Supernova 2020" who will represent Latvia at the Eurovision Song Contest in the Netherlands later this year in May. 

The “RIGaLIVE“ songwriting camp 5th session took place in the middle of October 2019 and gathered together more than 30 creatives from Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic and Russia. The promising young singers teamed up with well-rounded songwriters and producers from Latvia and Estonia to create the songs that would resonate with a wide audience.

“RIGaLIVE“ songs in the "Supernova 2020"  shortlist:

Annemarija Moiseja “Undo”. 

Music: Mārtiņš Gailītis (Marka), Jans Vavra, Annemarija Moiseja, Reinis Straume

Lyrics: Reinis Straume, Jans Vavra

Producer: Mārtiņš Gailītis (Marka)

Katrīna Bindere “I Will Break Your Heart”.

Music: Katrīna Anete Bindere-Čodere, Jānis Driksna, Niklāvs Sekačs

Lyrics: Katrīna Anete Bindere-Čodere, Jānis Driksna, Niklāvs Sekačs

Producer: Kaspars Ansons, Niklāvs Sekačs

Alekss Silvers “Again”.

Music: Alekss Silvers, Andis Ansons, Uku Moldau

Lyrics: Alekss Silvers, Andis Ansons, Uku Moldau

Producer: Kaspars Ansons, Andis Ansons

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“Stardom/Hater” is the newest release by the Latvian/Dutch artist ANNNA

The song won the hearts of both the audience and the jury in October 2019, when the song won the prestigious Amsterdam Dance Event demo competition. The track will be a part of ANNNA's EP that will be released in spring 2020.

The new track is a collaboration with the Danish producer and songwriter, August Friis. His nostalgic, bittersweet style perfectly mixes with the harsh, themed lyrics and attitude present in each ANNNA's track.

Probably you'll notice when listening to her lyrics, but “Stardom/Hater” is not a sweet story. The song is about something that the singer read in an article on BBC UK explaining the increase in domestic violence that happens in English homes once their home team loses during the World Cup. Same as in her other songs, ANNNA's lyrics cover things that bother her, things that make her stand up and shout out loud during her impactful performances.

The singer's new chapter in 2020 will begin with a performance at the Eurosonic Festival on the 17th of January, where she'll show off all her new, powerful tracks.

*The song is available through this link:

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ELIZZA reveals new single“Can't Quit” with edgy pop sounds and glittering production

Spending the past few years honing her songwriting skills and collaborating with a slew of talented producers, ELIZZA is now bringing her new single to the world. Taking equal inspiration from pop icons such as SIA and Dua Lipa, and RnB artists like Raye and Jorja Smith, ELIZZA distils her breadth of influences down into a focused, unique, and deeply meaningful style with her latest single, “Can’t Quit”.

“This song is about those intense romantic feelings, that rush you feel when you’re in love and out of your mind: almost like an addiction that’s hard to quit.”

“Can’t Quit” is scheduled was released on 8th November.

“Can’t Quit” is a potent insight into the addictive power of love. Inspired by the experience of an intense romantic connection that became difficult to detach from, the song deftly explores the drama created by an attachment that you can’t shake no matter how hard you try. This latest offering from ELIZZA emotively frames themes of romance and lust in edgy pop sounds and glittering production, laying down a powerful vocal performance over energetic beats that irresistibly pull you on to the dancefloor.

“The “drug” refers to that chemical feeling, the dopamine rush you feel when you’re in love: addicted to another person and out of your mind.”

After graduating from BIMM London in 2014, ELIZZA has since worked alongside several talented music producers, developing a unique sound of her very own, taking cues from pop and RnB but staying true to herself and her roots. Subsequently, her releases have been featured on BBC Introducing, Clash Magazine, Indietronica, Hype Machine, and Born Music, and more recently she appeared for an in-studio interview on the Harriette Rose show on FUBAR radio.

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The long-awaited collaboration brings together two well known artists from the neighboring countries - Lithuania's “Daddy Was A Milkman” and Latvia's “BrainStorm”. From today,  October 31st, the new song called “This is how i feel” is avalable on all digital music streaming platforms and radio stations in Latvia and Lithuania. 

Renārs Kaupers remembers his Lithuanian friend Ramunas telling him ones about a guy who suddenly appeared on the Lithuanian sky of music with great songs and perfect English. Couple of years later they met each other here and there and it was always nice to meet Ignas who he says is a very sincere, simple and solid guy.

Igna's band is known to Lithuanian and Latvian listeners as "Daddy Was a Milkman", but their most popular song "Breathe In" is often found on radio playlists. “Daddy Was a Milkman” has visited Latvia several times, both at various festivals and with a solo concert at Arena Riga late last year.

The idea of collaboration was in the air for some time but the song or a theme wasn't coming. And then one day quite a simple melody came to Renar’s mind that he recorded on a phone and sent to Ignas. 

“The first draft of “This is how I feel” sounds really funny now, because exactly nothing has left from the original theme”, adds Renārs Kaupers. Ignas and the producer Vitas played around with the song and added a very nice bridge part. In one of BrainStorm’s rehearsal we felt that this bridge sounds better than the original verse and offered to use it instead of the original one. Then I flew to Vilnius and we composed together a new chorus. Ignas quickly came up with lyrics and here we go, song was ready!”

“This song points out the strength of a friendship, power of connection that true friends have. There is this thing we all have in common - we need someone to trust and help us get things off the chest. And there comes a time when a laugh, a shared memory or even a single word of encouragement can work miracles if it's with the right person at the right time. We wanted it to sound light and positive, though carry a simple but important message. "This Is How I Feel" is sort of encouragement to make time for our closest ones as we simply can not afford otherwise,” tells Ignas.

Music: Ignas Pociūnas, Vitas Vaičiulis, Renārs Kaupers, Jānis Jubalts, Māris Mihelsons, Kaspars Roga

Lyrics: Ignas Pociūnas

Produced by: Vitas Vaičiulis, Povel Olsson

Published by: BrainStorm Records Company and Ignas Pociūnas

Lyric video: Didzis Bardo, Nauris Asenkampfs/Jauda

Listen to the song in all the digital streaming services.



November 23, KALININGRAD, Vagonka. Tickets

December 2, NIZHNI NOVGOROD, Milo concert hall. Tickets

December 4, MOSCOW, Crocus city hall. Tickets

December 6, ST.PETERSBURG, A2 green concert. Tickets

December 12, KYIV, Caribbean club concert-hall. Tickets

Daddy Was A Milkman:

November 28, VILNIUS, Siemens Arena. Tickets

December 29, PALANGA, Palangos Koncertu Sale. Tickets

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“Carnival Youth” announce a special guest for their concert in Riga at “Hanzas Perons” on the 23rd November - singer C’est Karma from Luxemburgh

The band “Carnival Youth”, as a part of their new album “Good Luck” tour, have already played 19 concerts in 7 European countries (Germany, Switzerland, Lithuania, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Slovakia). The Latvian tour will begin in Aizkraukle on the 15th November and will continue in Livani on the 16th November, Valmiera - 17th November, Madona - 20th November, Riga at “Hanzas Perons” on the 23rd November and will finish in Liepaja on the 30th November. Information and tickets.

Edgars Kaupers: “"Good Luck" European tour consisted of two parts – the first two weeks we played gigs in Central Europe, enjoying the Tatra Mountains and eating goulash in our spare time. Then we took a bit of time off at home and continued the tour in Western Europe. Before our gig in Munich, a careless driver broke the side mirror of our parked tour van and we thought that that would delay the rest of the tour. Thankfully, the diligent German technicians fixed the mirror the next morning and we were able to continue the tour. It’s a great pleasure to visit all these different places and play our new album live. It has a completely fresh breath and it brings us and the listeners forward on a new wave of energy!”

At the six gigs in Germany, “Carnival Youth” were joined by the 17-year-old singer from Luxembourg C’est Karma as a special guest. The band was captivated by her voice and performance, so they have invited her to play at the main concert of the Latvian tour - “Hanzas Perons” in Riga. Roberts Vanags: “C’est Karma is not only the stage name of this adorable performer, but also her real name. Karma is a very special person – a very nice, bright, original and truly talented young musician. We are delighted to give the opportunity to the audience in Riga to hear her velvety vocals that will touch everyone’s heart.”

Today, on the 30th October, “Carnival Youth” will play their first show in Aarhus, Denmark. After this, the band will travel to Shanghai, China where they will perform at the opening of the Latvian booth at the export and import exhibition “CIIE”. On the 7th November, the band will play a show at “Yuyintang” in Shanghai. This year the “Good Luck” tour will also stop in London, the UK on the 25th November and Tallinn, Estonia on the 6th December.

 “Carnival Youth” album and “Good Luck” tour friends: STENDERS and Red Bull

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Funk & soul band Very Cool People goes to Central Europe and Balcan countries

This autumn the most popular funk band from Latvia Very Cool People (VCP) is coming back to Central Europe with their second tour. The tour includes two concerts in Hungary, two concerts in Romania, two concerts in Serbia and a final concert in Slovenia.

“We are very happy to return to play in Hungary and Romania also this year. We really enjoyed our concerts last year in Szimpla Kert, Budapest and Babel Camp, Balatonboglar, the people & hospitality were amazing, so we are more than happy to come back to these venues. The five concerts in Romania we had with the local band FUNKorporation were also unforgettable, and our cooperation resulted in a recording together with singers Hannah and Erika of the song “Off The Ground”, which is included in VCP’s new album “Caution! Contains Words”. This year we are coming back to Atelier Cafe, Cluj Napoca & and getting to know a new place where we haven't played yet – Taverna Timisoara, which seems like a really cool place with great artists playing there, like soul music legend Fred Wesley, for example”, comments VCP’ leader Elvijs Grafcovs.

The tour dates and places:

30.10. Szimpla Kert, Budapest, Hungary

31.10. Atelier Club, Cluj Napoca, Romania

01.11. Taverna Timisoara, Timisoara, Romania

02.11. Strogi Centar, Belgrade, Serbia

03.11. Bela Kuća, Valjevo, Serbia

06.11. Babel Camp, Balatonboglar, Hungary

07.11. Jazz Paradise/ Jazz Club Gajo, Ljubljana, Slovenia

In 2019, VCP played in the biggest European showcase “Eurosonic Noorderslag 2019” in the Netherlands. During the summer the band played in festivals in the Baltic States & Germany: “Görlitz Jazz Festival” (Görlitz, Germany),“Bliuzo Naktys” (Varniai, Lithuania), “Tintes Svētki” (Valmiera, Latvia), “Saulkrasti Jazz” (Saulkrasti, Latvia), “Positivus” (Salacgrīva, Latvia), "Augustibluus" (Haapsalu, Estonia), "Summersound" (Liepaja, Latvia), “Siauliai Jazz 2019” (Siauliai, Lithuania) & many more.

With a backbone in funk, soul & jazz, incorporating influences from surf, klezmer, rock, punk and hip-hop, there is no shortage of energy, tight grooves, catchy riffs, hot melodies & joy of life. The band has released six albums so far the latest in 2019 - Caution! Contains Words! The upcoming tour is financially supported by the special purpose programme for non-academic music by State Culture Capital Foundation.

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