JVeart is a full service design and music marketing agency, although they've taken the liberty of considering theirselves a rock band playing alternative advertising rock, design`n`code and branding pop. When somebody asks what qualities they have to be aware of when doing business with them,they won’t hesitate to disclose them all at once! Each of JVeart advertising campaigns is equal to arena shows done by Kiss and Alice Cooper. The branding they make has all the consistency AC/DC is proud of. And – yeah, passion for everything they do is something that JVeart and U2 have in common. JVeart was founded in 2010 and this is the story about a one-man band, which has grown into a band of several session members. Maybe a mere coincidence, maybe not, but... all of them are passionate music fans or even musicians themselves. After lots of portfolio demos JVeart released their debut portfolio album titled “We’re Here For Your Music To Be Heard” on 3rd December 2013. The presentation of the album took place at the Latvian 1st Rock Cafe, where lead creative Jānis Vērzemnieks went on a real rock stage and told the backstage stories of 12 projects from the album. They’re also writing second portfolio album, which is due to be out in 2015. It will be about the nature’s BIGGEST secret. Sounds big, isn’t it? At the moment all members are travelling to work with music-employed artists from anywhere in the world. You can catch JVeart somewhere in Latvia, Italy, Greece and Portugal.