Bel Tempo releases 'If You Want'

Andis Ansons and Julijs Raimonds Melngailis are Bel Tempo.

An indie dance / electronic duo based between eastern europe's cultural capital Riga in Latvia and London, UK. Forming in 2018 the duo have released only two songs but cemented a strong following in the Baltics. A unique quality lies within each song they have released - 'If You Want' is no exception. Setting the tempo to strut within a tough motorik rhythm that postures smoothly into a well written chorus lilt.
The arrangement evolves beyond its indie pop curiosity to reveal a fanfare of psyche organs leaving the listener little room to know where the acts' unique influences lie. A combination of rich daft punk esque growling synthesis and tightly produced drums climb ever higher throughout the song, the track swirls with both ambience and anthemic strokes.
Bel Tempo self describe their sound as a combination of voluptuous beats and analog synthesizers with silky vocals and vibrant guitar riffs, inspired by Caribou, Toro y Moi, Jungle and Jai Paul and at points Brit pop boys Blur. “If You Want” is as unique lyrically as it is to its musical backdrop - carefree, clever and softly spoken, Julijis’ heralds a likeness to Jamie T and David Byrne in his imagery.
Having previously released on UK digital dance tastemaker Eton Messy with Spotify Editorial support and lesser known Berlin's Fries Boom Barrier alongside artists Meadowlark and Mani Orrason to test the waters, the British based baltic boys sound is firmly fixed with a series of future releases to follow 2021.
Bel Tempo are the first act to release via Amity Recordings. A label founded by songwriter and curator David Sanderson aka David Harks. Amity is a home for artists, songwriters and audio authors. Amity which means friendly relations focuses on delivering select works that span the realms of unique songs to ambient recordings and all that orbits with quality in between.