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Sound virtuoso and producer Kashuks is a representative of Dirty Deal Audio. He’s been related to creation of music since 2007, but himself states that his first serious steps in music started only in 2009. Kashuks has released 3 studio albums in the series “Piece of a Chance”, last two parts of these series were nominated for the Latvian Music Award (Zelta Mikrafons) and the last one won the award The Best Album of Electronic Music in 2014.

Kashuks has worked with many artists, his latest collaborations include bands that are known for a wider audience too, such as Carnival Youth and Instrumenti; meanwhile new collaborations are on the way. Despite of the success Kashuks already has, he insists that this is just the very beginning of his professional path.


Kristaps Puķītis



+317 26831594


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