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Latvian jazz-funk band “Very Cool People” will celebrate Baltic Unity Day in Vilnius

The most popular Latvian jazz-funk group “Very Cool People” will celebrate Baltic Unity Day with a concert in Vilnius. It will take place on September 22 at the legendary music
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Latvian artist Elizabete Balčus unveils new album: Hotel Universe

A new alternative: music crafted by a full-time artist, with a method actor-like devotion to discovering new musical possibilities. Hotel Universe (September 16th, 2022 via Mothland) is the second album
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Rihards Lībietis unveils a new music video for composition “Pattern of Life”, celebrating the vinyl release of album “Lines and Miniatures”

From September 8, the newest album “Lines and Miniatures” by guitarist and composer Rihards Lībietis is available on vinyl. To celebrate this event, a new music video directed by cinema
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Elizabete Balčus to release a full-length celebrating the body, its place in the universe, as well as the universe found within its fleshy walls!

On August 16th, 2022, the classical and jazz-trained flautist and electronica artist unveils via Mothland a pop noir number titled: “Narcissism Purgatory“, which serves as a conduit to the furthest depths
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Singer Keitija Bārbale releases the first single ‘Čau, kakao’ announcing her upcoming debut album

Keitija Bārbale have just released her first single ‘Čau, kakao’ and it is available on all streaming platforms, opening her debut album, which is going to be released September 2022.
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Latvian artist MAASA releases her debut single “Vilcienos”

MAASA or Paula Kristiana Pētersone, releases her new song “Vilcienos”, which is the first single from the artist’s upcoming EP. “Riga – Melluži is a train route that I have
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