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Laimas Muzykanti is an ethno rock band established in Daugavpils in1995 (also known as Uškāns Family Band). Together with some fellow musicians, the band was established and unchangeably led by popular Latvian multi-instrumentalist, folklorist, composer and poet Artūrs Uškāns. Since the beginning band experiments with different type of electronic musical means, but in the end they stayed loyal to the live sound. However authentic folk music motives and traditional music instrument sound are combined with rock music-like arrangements. Since 2010 the band’s core is Uškāns family (Artūrs, his wife Inta and son Matīss), which is the reason the band took part in musical family festivals in Poland. Laimas Muzykanti also has been part of the TV show “Dziedošās ģimenes” (“Singing Families”, second season), where after 3-month competition band got awarded with the honorable second place. After the show Laimas Muzykanti got known in Latvia as Uškānu ģimenes ansamblis (Uškāns Family Band). In 2015 Laimas Muzykanti plan to release a new album “Rodi” (“Relatives”), have a 20th anniversary tour around Latvia and take part in several festivals abroad. Till present day Laimas Muzykanti have given concerts in Australia, Canada, USA, Japan, UK, Germany, Italy and other countries.


Artūrs Uškāns



+371 28817461


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