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Sniedze is a musician, singer and composer from Latvia. Her music is characterized by her fantastic voice, love for sci-fi stories and experimental fusion of classic and popular music. In Sniedze’s music you can hear unaltered and modified voices, choir, tabla, flute, church organ, electric guitar, bass and synthesizers. A great role is also played by instruments from the 17th century, such as cembalo, clavichord and traverso flute.
The album “Inkrustacija”, released on April 8, 2017 is about a spaceworld of Sniedze’s creation – meeting point for spaceship “Athlete”, time and space paradoxes, neighbourhood with a black hole, fetish for duct tapes, strange races and mutants, drugs from unicorn tears and cosmic love. The album comes with a storybook, titled “Cosmic prescriptions”.


Sniedze Prauliņa





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