Age Of Stones formed in 2001 in Valmiera, Latvia. Discography: Sapņojiet 2006 (MICREC); Goin’ out EP 2007 (Age of Stones); Slaido blondīņu cirks 2010 (

All band members are friend from childhood. Well, we are: Niks, Valts, Jurģis and Artis. Pleased to meet you, all of you guys – our present and future fans and everybody else. Speaking of music, in the past we tried to combine elements of Jazz, Rock and Funk in a unique blend adding a bit of our sense of humor, but now it sounds more like garage rock. Age Of Stones always has madly good time with their public. We try to sing about things that are important to people but we do it in kind of an easygoing manner. Hope you enjoy our music and see you at our gigs soon. Cheers!