ansis (with lower-case “a”) is a multidisciplinary representative of the hip-hop culture; he’s a beat-maker/producer, rapper, sound engineer and podcaster. Been into hip-hop for more than ten years now, mostly being the person who is in charge of the beat in many, many different rap songs.

He’s worked with many great Latvian hip-hop artists, named the “beat-maker of the year” in the Latvian Great Hip-Hop Award for two years in a row, participated and won in several beat-maker battles, while being a part of various groups and crews (PKI, Kreisais Krasts, Riekstu Armija). In 2013, ansis in collaboration with Oriole released “HIMNAS”, an alternative rap album, considered his best work yet, which later lead the duo to Tallinn Music Week music festival.

In the Dirty Deal Audio collective ansis works with his brother 181h under the title Netīrās cilpas, which is a recently formed beat-maker/producer team. When it comes to beats, ansis often has a minimalistic approach and tends to experiment with unpopular mixtures of harmonies, combinations of samples and irregular, offbeat rhythms, often accompanied by synthesized sounds and noises.

ansis keeps his feet firmly on the concrete foundations of hip-hop while refining it with neck-breaking beats, dirty Soviet samples and psychedelically emotional melodies