Astro’n’out can be described as frosty indie pop with extraordinary female voice and catching melodies in warm, yet dynamic arrangements. The brand “honest music for an experienced listener” is all theirs. Astro’n’out is a band from Riga, Latvia formed in 2003. They have grown together with their listener and evolved a specific well-recognizable voice that has survived through many critics. Their contemplative lyrics have proved to be great sing-alongs in the biggest Latvian festivals and all of their long-playing CDs have been nominated for “Latvian Music Industry Awards”. Their forth LP – “Lion’s Share” – was released in November 2013 and is filled with experiments with electronics conducted by the Latvian top producer DJ Rudd. On May 2014 a remix EP “Lion’s Share Remixes” was released, it contains compositions from the biggest Latvian electro-scene names. At the moment Astro’n’out are working on their Latvia tour called “Astro’ Electro Acoustic” – bringing a new concept to their listeners already this autumn.