Bet Bet is one of the most popular Latvian band with history of 24 years, albums sold in 100 000 copies and more than ten Nr.1 hits on the radio stations. Bet bet has won in the festival Liepājas dzintars and with the song „Vakara vējā” (In the evening’s breeze) got awarded in the legendary Mikrofona aptauja. The band performs around 30 concerts every year both on big and small stages. Band members are: musician and author of songs  Zigfrīds Muktupāvels, drummer and poet Guntars Račs, guitarist Uģis Tirzītis and since 2006 bass guitarist Andris Alviķis. The most popular songs are: „Man vienalga viss” (I don’t care about anything), „Vakara vējā” (In the evenings breeze), „Diena” (A day), „Kāpēc man nav sarkans mersedess” (Why don’t I have a red Mercedes, „Mana mīļā meitene” (My lovely girl) and others.