Big Al & The Jokers are nine attractive musicians and is one of the rare Latvian bands that actually perform in such a big group on a stage with a full brass section, therefore making possible the best interpretations for complex swing, rhythm’n’blues, rock’n’roll pieces. The piano plays virtuoso Raitis Aukšmuksts, guitar – Juris Skrajāns, while contrabass is played by always-positive Pēteris Liepiņš.   Brass staff has remained unchanged: saxophone players Eduard Raubiško and Zintis Žvarts, trumpet – Sandris Skeranskis, trombone – Uldis Ziediņš. And, of course, there is the “face” of the band and quality mark Aļģirdas Shuminskas or Big Al! The manager of the band is well known impresario in Latvia Rafails Balkins, while to make sure band’s image fits to its music, artists work with stylists, photo artists and web designers. The result of their work can be seen on the page! The schedule of Big Al & The Jokers gets filled quickly and musicians are full of inspiration and ready to surprise the lovers of quality music in Latvia and abroad. Apart of active touring, the band plans a new repertoire that will include also original compositions. Follow the information in the webpage of Big Al & The Jokers.