The band was formed in 2006 in Daugavpils, Latvia. A significant feature of Dabasu Durovys is that most of their lyrics are written in Latgalian language (a historical Latvian dialect). The band has released 3 albums: “Ļepetnīks” (Butterfly) in 2008, “Styklu Vītā Skaņa” (Sound instead of the glass) in 2012, “Bāka” (Lighthouse) in 2014. Dabasu Durovys has toured abroad and performed in countries like Australia, Portugal and Lithuania. In 2012 the albums “Styklu Vītā Skaņa” was nominated for the Latvian Music Award as The Best Pop Rock Album of the year.

The members of the band are: Aleksandrs Tamans (Drums) Arnis Slobožānins (Guitar, Vocals) Romāns Sladzis (Guitar, Vocals) Egils Kulmanis (Keys, Saxophone, Vocals) Valdis Rundzāns (Bass, Vocals)