The ensemble was found in 1995. Five members are non-combatant civil guards, one is NBS officer. During the time of existence 4 CDs have been released. The repertory of the ensemble is made starting from patriotic songs, till cheerful, drastic melodies in Latvian spirit. The original repertory consists of the songs composed by Artūrs Reiniks. The latest “Dobeles zemessargi” CD called “Latvju meitenēm”, was nominated for the Latvian Music Award as the best hit-album in 2013. Since the year of foundation, the ensemble “Dobeles zemessargi” is, invariably, managed by the musician, composer and Home Guard sergeant Artūrs Reiniks. The songs of the ensemble can be heard on LR2, hit-parade of LTV 1, “Dzintara Dziesmas” of LNT, as well as on the Latvian Hit Channel. The video versions of many songs can be found on YouTube. The ensemble not only gives concerts in Latvia, but also has performed in Germany and in England. The men of the ensemble have received 1. and 2. level honour medals for bearing the name of Latvian soldier in Latvia and outside it. The channel LTV 1 have shot a documentary about the ensemble “Dobeles zemessargi”.