Foxthroat is a hard-hitting four-piece rock band form Latvia that combines both punk-rock and alternative rock in its music. Their activity in social media has been one of the most prominent among all Latvian artists in 2015. In promo video for their first European tour has been viewed more than 130 000 times and it resulted in them playing 20 shows in 7 countries and signing contract with label Red Sky Records from Great Britain.

Although the band was formed just in the beginning of 2014, it already has a reputation of a great live band. Foxthroat has proved that not only in foreign countries but in Latvia as well as it was the only Latvian band to perform in Russian organized festival in Riga Kubana. In September they played their biggest show yet when their performance in festival Studentu Paradīze in Riga was watched by more than 10 000 spectators. It’s also worth noting that Foxthroat’s song I Stay has been in 1st place in British RiseTV and Beat100 charts.