Jānis Bukums is a famous Latvian rock singer that is active since 1989. His songs “I forgive you this” (“To piedodu es tev”) and “Prayer” (“Lūgšana”) are Latvian rock classics. 90s Latvian music star Jānis Bukums returns to the Latvian music scene with the project Jānis Bukums and a new single – “Thirst” (“Slāpes”) (music – Jānis Bukums, Artūrs Račinskis; lyrics – Gatis Zotovs) from the upcoming album “Alive and different”. The album was released in March 2015.

The band unites experienced, meritorious artists and young, talented musicians to play eclectic rock music without stylistic restrictions. The members of the project have played in the biggest music festivals, events and clubs in Latvia and abroad – Liepājas Dzintars, Saldus Saule, Roks par neatkarību, Sinepes un medus, Roks pret narkotikām, Roks apkārt Baltijas jūrai and so on. The musicians have played in Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Sweden, Germany and Spain. Band members: Jānis Bukums, Artūrs Račinskis, Andrjus Jaņuns, Filips Batarags, Artūrs Liede.