No doubt that one of the most brilliant vocals in present Latvian pop music scene belongs to Jānis Stībelis. He began his musical carrier in 1999 together with the band Shake&Bake. Jānis has a Bachelor’s Degree in Conducting from the Pedagogic University of Riga. He has participated in several international musical contests, including New Wave in 2002.

Jānis Stībelis has recorded 9 albums – “Don’t Turn Away” with the band Shake & Bake (2000) and solo albums “Inspiration” (2001), “Paliec tepat” (2004), “Ļubov nastala” (2005) and “Glāze piena” (2007), “Secret Mission” (2009), “Diapozitīvi” (2010), “Summer City” (2012) and “2 Pasaules” (2015).