From 2002-2004 Jenny May lived in Salzburg, Austria. At that time she took a part in a singing show “STARMANIA”, stood the competition of 12000 participants and was included among the 20 best final acts and had a chance to compete for the main prize. On January 2005, the record label “Aktiv Music” released her debit album “Purple Skies And Yellow Flowers”, later this album was released in Japan.

In 2006 Jenny May took part in Eurovision Song Contest (ESC) with her single “I’m Alone”. Among 94 compositions, it was recognized to be among 3 best songs. 2008 Jenny May signed a contract with “Microphone Records” – the leading record label in the region – and released her second album. In 2010 her album “Nāk Nakts” was nominated for the Annual Award of the Latvian Music Records in the category of The Best Pop Album. Moreover, the song “Nāk Nakts” was nominated also in the categories of the best song and the best radio hit. Since 2011 Jenny May works for new- latino project and has great success with her single “Es gribu vēl mīlēt”.