Lauris Reiniks is a singer, songwriter, TV host and actor. He was born in Dobele, Latvia. Raised in the musical Reiniks family, Lauris started his career in a teenage band “Auri” formed by his father Artūrs. He first appeared on TV at the age of 5. The musician has graduated from Jelgava Music College in Latvia and studied acting in Los Angeles. As a composer and recording artist Lauris Reiniks has received more than 20 National awards, released 8 albums and recorded singles in 11 languages. His smash hit “Es skrienu” (I’m running) has been recorded in 9 languages alone. Lauris Reiniks is one of the few Latvian artists who has established his name internationally, especially in Baltic states, with #1 radio singles and successful album releases in Estonia and Lithuania. His special talent is to sing in almost any language and sound like a native speaker. Millions of views of his music videos on YouTube have unofficially made him a “King of YouTube” in Latvia. Lauris Reiniks is known also to Eurovision Song Contest fans.