Madara Zaprauska is a 15 year old student who, in her free time, plays the guitar and writes her own songs. She started playing the instrument only 2 years ago, but started writing her own music only this March. All of her songs are influenced by personal experiences and her own emotions, also they are all home recorded acoustic versions. Some of her other hobbies are: singing in the choir, dancing, photography and also meeting friends. The inspiration for one of her songs “Oculus” came from her trip to Czech Republic with her friends. Some of her songs have been played on the radio station Radio Pieci “Pieci LatvieŇ°i” and at the Open Mic event at Nice Place Telpa, and also at her own soloconcert at the pub “Aptieka” on 24th July. Madaras motto in life: “Everything happens for a reason, and dreaming is not prohibited, if you are willing to work for it!”