Markus Riva aka Mikelis Laksa is a Dj, singer, songwriter, producer, video director as well as an actor, model and host of TV shows and contests. Markus has been attracted by the music since the age of 3 and has a background of classical music. As a child he sang in Riga Dome Cathedral Choir. Being quite, humble and sometimes shy, but with a nice positive attitude, Markus is pursuing his dreams in playing, performing and creating music. As his inspiration Markus mentions surroundings and friends as well as heartbreaks and personal experiences.

Markus released his latest solo CD “Songs from NYC” in 2010 with radio hits like “Love to you”, “Quiz”, “Can’t sleep” and “Chase”. His debut CD was released in 2010. In 2010 and 2011 Markus was nominated for OE TV Music Awards as The Best Male Singer, Best Song and Best Video.

At the moment Markus is working on his third LP.