I am an inhabitant of Riga in the fourth generation and I am proud of it. I was born on September 4, 1971. Mainly, my childhood I spent in the centre of Riga, later in Pardaugava on the borderline of Riga. For the first time, as I can remember myself, in more serious relationship with music I came in fabric’s “Aurora” children’ vocal ensemble. It happened in the first half of the 70s. At the age of 13 I began my career as musician in Gunars Freidenfeld’s vocal-instrumental ensemble, which later turned into the band “Zvaigznu zagli”. In the early 90s the band “Black Jack” broke up. In 1995 I recorded my first solo single –I wanna be with you, which was not published. In 1997 my first public composition was realised, Arnis Medni’s song – Hei, mazā! In the Academy of Music I met Maestro Raimonds Pauls for the first time. First together with the ensemble “Dzeguzite” I recorded Latvian folk-songs arranged by Maestro, but in1996 “Par to… (raudāja māte)”. Here I came to my first solo album – “Vasarā sniegs”, which was recorded under guidance of Ivars Makstnieks and released in 1998. Since then I have recorded 11 albums 8 of which as solo artist. Since 2001 I play music together with Roberts Rasa, Māris Ozols, Eriks Upenieks, Anrijs Grinbergs and Uldis Beitins. That is the Famous Orchestra of Riga. Under cover name N’Works I produce dance music. In 1998 I began to work in radio and since 2010 in Radio SWH. I am program director in radio stations, such as SPIN FM and RADIO SWH GOLD. I have been the host of TV-shows and telecasts. At present I am the host of channel’s LNT telecast “Razots Eiropa”.