The band Otra Puse was formed in 1992 by the members of the famous Latvian band Jumprava Aigars Gravers and Aigars Kresl. They invited Normunds Paunins, singer with a rich vocal, to be the lead singer and Ivars Makstnieks, the keyboard player of the band Vaidava, to join. The lyrics of Aigars Kresla’s song “After the rain” (“Pēc lietus”) was written by Igo and it became a megahit, followed by the song “Letters” (“Vēstules”) written by Normunds Paunins with lyrics by the poet Janis Baltauss. In 2009 the band released the album “Night or morning” (“Nakts vai Rīts”) that unexpectedly got the Annual Awards of Latvian Music Records as the best pop-music album. But the title song of the album with the same title in its turn got Radio Hit Award as The Most Played and Downloaded Song.

In 2011 the song “Ave Pali” – a song performed by Normunds Paunins featuring Aija Andrejeva – gained recognition of listeners. The song was so popular that it was ranked as the first one at the “Musical Bank” and recognized as the best song of 2011. “Ave Pali” was chosen as the theme song for the TV series “Just don’t tell me Bizu” (“Tikai nesaki man bizū”). On May 1, 2013 Otra puse gave its listeners a possibility to evaluate their new album “Draw me” (“Uzzīmē mani”). The title song “Uzzīmē mani” is performed by Normunds Paunins in a duet with the young singer Antra Stafecka, and it was ranked the 2nd out of 15 most popular songs on the pop and rock song list of “Musical Bank” of Latvian Radio 2. At the beginning of 2014 the new studio album of the band “Uzzīmē mani” got Latvian Music Annual Award Golden Microphone as the Best Pop Album of 2013. It is interesting to note that this album is the second album of Otra Puse in a row that gets the highest rating of this category – just like the Olympic Games – after every four years. The single “Uzzīmē mani” was nominated for another three categories: “The best song”, “Radio hit” and “Alfa’s Top 10 Song of the year”.