The band PeR is founded in 2007. PeR has performed in all of the biggest Latvian Music festivals: Baltic Beach Party, Positivus, SummerSound and Pestival as well as in the biggest jazz music event in the Baltics Rīgas Ritmi, and Lithuanian Karkle and Estonians Reiu Rock music festivals. PeR have opened the show of well-known known beat boxer Dub FX in three of his concerts in Latvia and Lithuania and been guests in Vilnius Music Week.

The band has also played concerts and given workshops on beat box, vocal and guitar skills in England and Poland. PeR have created several radio hits and they were nominated for the Best Pop Album and Radio Hit in Latvian Annual Music Award. Apart of being successful in their home country, PeR music is know also in Lithuanian, Estonian, Danish and German radio stations, their song “Mazajām Sirsniņām” was played in French TV (the same song is an anthem for one the biggest Latvian charity marathon Nike Riga Run). PeR have visited the biggest Russian TV show Pesenka Goda, talent show Minuta Slavi, Poland’s TV Festival SOPOT TOP OF THE TOP 2013 and performed in all the most popular Latvian TV shows. The authors of their songs are the band members themselves and in 2013 PeR represented Latvia in the Eurovision Song Contest with their own song ‘’Here We Go”. There is something new and exciting about PeR performances – funk is mixed with pop and reggae filling the stage with their energy!