Pikaso has been a member of Latvian hip-hop scene since the early 2000s and has come a long way to discover and master the art of ceremony. But to the most of those who have an ear to music, Pikaso has drawn a vivid self-portrait where one may recognize a personal revelation – yes, i am. Who knew.

With his critically acclaimed debut record released in 2013 November, snatching the Golden Mic for the ‘Best Hip-Hop album’ at the Latvian Music Records Award, Pikaso has attracted a wide range of listeners and stands out amongst others for his musicality. In December 2014 Pikaso released his second recording – an EP ”SVMN: B Puse” – a follow up to the debut. As rare to hip-hop nowadays, his music has a melodious sense to it, and being accompanied by poetic, articulated, heartfelt and sensual rhymes, gives you an opportunity to discover this music genre again and allows