The band Sub Scriptum is alternative/indie rock band. Our band plays for the third year. We have presented ourselves with good results and victories in competitions, for example, one of them is a competition ” Homesick 2016 ”, and we have set a record with our single ”Vantūzis” in SWH hallway top for three months. Time passes, we are playing in clubs and smaller or bigger festivals, reviews, of course, are positive. We collaborate with famous musicians, as Kaspars Tobis, Račinskis Arnis, Arnis Slobožaņins to create our own music more sophisticated and interesting. We have recorded a number of songs, as well as high-quality videos. ”Vantūzis” was nominated as song of the month between the young Latvian artists. We’ve performed at Arena Riga, we have warmed up many latvian heavyweight groups as ”Dzelzs Vilks” and ”Jumprava”. ”Melns uz Balta” is a group with rebellious, powerful sound and, most importantly, the group is technically advanced. As we like to say:” On the stage we are not afraid to go wild because, after all, this is rock!”