us Dungo is an extraordinary marvel in Latvian independent music, called the “Latvian indie pop fairies” and “musical visions”. Sus Dungo consists of 7 young ladies, which are showcasing a wide range of musical instruments, including an accordion, flute and harp. The band will surprise with bright vocals, often performed by all band members, and an unforgettable stage presence. Sus Dungo is a fresh breeze of youth, sincere freedom and improvisational spirit, lighting up the stage and the hearts of the audience with their genuine performance and original music. On June 2012 Sus Dungo self-released their first studio record, minialbum “Rasā pēdas” (“Feet in Dew”) that was well received amongst Latvian music critics and the audience as well and awarded as best debut 2012 in Latvia. Right now Sus Dungo works at records studio on a second album, which planned to come out in April.