UB United originated in 2010 when guitar player Uldis Blazevics and drummer Dims Visuns, the former members of the rock band Superhuman, decided to resume a collaboration. “We’ve known each other for years so it’s easy to get along in terms of personal relationship and music within the framework of a new project”, explains the leader of the band Uldis. “[Finding] a singer wasn’t too easy. We tried several options but eventually came to realize that the most suitable is yet to be found. Then we came up with an idea that the new record (EP “Just Say When”) might combine several singers by finding the most suitable vocals for each song. And our songs can be quite different in terms of style!” As a result the record involves Edgars Rakovskis of Relicseed, Jekabs Zemzaris of Velvet Supernova and Ansis Klintsons. “Just Say When” EP was produced by Greg Haver (Manic Street Preachers, Lostprophets, etc.). He was joined by 2 sound engineers from the UK: Richard Jackson who worked with the band at Sound Division Studios in Riga, Latvia and Clint Murphy who was responsible for mixing the EP and recording a strings quartet at the Modern World Studio in Tetbury, UK.