Vintāža is a musical union that creates restorations of the most brilliant Latvian light music pieces from the previous century. The Latvian Radio and Television Light Music Orchestra, later also called as The Radio Bigband was the musical foundation of the band. Thanks to this orchestra and its long-term leaders, violinist Alnis Zaķis and trumpeter Gunārs Rozenbergs, thousands of compositions were maintained in the archive of the radio. Although the collective was inevitably a mouthpiece of the soviet propaganda, it possessed admiringly qualitative and diverse sound, as well as the ability to attire the melody into bright colors. The composers and the arrangers Alnis Zaķis, Gunārs Rozenbergs, Raimonds Pauls, Ivars Vīgners, Vitālijs Dolgovs, Ivars Vīgners, Jānis Sildegs, Zigismunds Lorencs, Uldis Stabulnieks, singers Māra Krievkalne, Lolita Vambute, Aija Kukule, Sandra Ozolīte, Zigfrīds Račiņš, Andrejs Lihtenbergs, Jānis Pakalnišķis, Ēriks Kamarūts, Žoržs Siksna, Ingus Pētersons are only a small part of the creative radio house family. The union Vintāža together with the most budding singers of today tries to conjure a musical painting by bringing some forgotten and unheard composition out from the dust. Their music is sincere and full of Latvian music intonations.