Hot new act from Baltics Neon Saturdays release their album Freaks in The Ocean

Latvian four-piece Neon Saturdays released their second full-length album Freaks in The Ocean in November 9th. The latest effort undoubtedly puts them on the map as one of the finest new music groups from the Baltic states and is a strong signal that the new generation of artists from this region has a lot to offer.

Inspired by tragedy and much needed change

Intriguingly titled second album tells tales about the childhood and teenage years spend living in a post-soviet territory, the band explains.

“Growing up is rarely an uneventful experience isn’t it? It was quite an adventure for the four of us. The way childhood shaped our minds and characters was the reason we eventually found each other, I think. We became musicians because we were eager to comment on the world around us but felt too small or unimportant to just speak,” said the singer and leader of the band Andris Evelis.

“I guess you can say that we needed superhero costumes – an intricate mechanism that would give us confidence. Stage does that to you,” said the drummer Linards Lazdins.

“We think that this is the century of people who are plagued by the feeling of being out of place. Never before in history have we questioned social norms, our own values and behavior with more vigor than now. This causes both tragedy and much needed change and inspired us to the point we found ourselves dedicating a lot of our creative work to the current times we live in,” commented guitarist and songwriter Edvins Rakickis.

“The album touches on various topics such as breaking various societal routines, perils of repeating parental mistakes, endless search for something new when you think you've already seen it all. Each song is a separate story and is based on our own experiences both tragic and joyful. That is also why the vibe changes throughout the whole album,” said the bassist and songwriter Martins Rudzitis.

Written by Latvians, produced by a Scotsman

The 12 songs in Freaks in The Ocean were recorded and produced together with Scottish production genius Lewis Gardiner who has been working with the band for some time now. Gardiner had previously made a name for himself working with Ellie Goulding and the winner of 2016 British X Factor Matt Terry.

Talented and well-known sound engineers Andy “Hippy” Baldwin from Metropolis studios (UK) and multiple Grammy recipient Randy Merrill from Sterling Sound (USA) were recruited to put on some finishing touches. Merrill has previously worked with acts like Imagine Dragons, Lady Gaga, Adele and Katy Perry while Baldwin has acts like Oasis, Robbie Williams and The Who in his portfolio.

The third single titled Gravity has also been released world-wide as of now. The first single from the album titled Get Up was released back in April and found its way to numerous radio stations in Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK and Baltics. Same with the band’s second single from this album – Phoenix.

Neon Saturdays was founded in 2012 and released their debut album soon after. Since then a number of singles, made it to the TOP10 of the biggest Baltic radio stations after which Neon Saturdays toured the Baltic states as well as UK a couple of times.

In 2015 Neon Saturdays was one of the first Latvian acts to play The Great Escape in UK. In 2016 the band opened for the British rock band James.

In July 2018 the band opened for the American singer LP (Laura Pergolizzi) in Latvia, playing for 4000 people. Band’s music has also received a well-deserved recognition by Tim Fraser, an internationally well-known songwriter (Tina Turner, Billie Myers), partner of Artists United and a member of BASCA's Songwriters Executive Committee.